by Deepsleeper

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released July 18, 2016

Recorded by Dan Couch




Deepsleeper UK

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Track Name: Malcontent
Let me go - I'm sick of the filth, so sick of the product. It's so unrepentant, it never stops coming. I won't consume. I won't conform. I'm sorry to say it never gets better. Let me go.
Track Name: Black Bile
Oceans of pity. Feeling bereft. Stripped of all confidence until there's nothing left. Dragged down by the weight of regret - My life fixed on a negative mindset. Nothing to offer, nothing to lose - Headed down, I hear their call. Bathed in these snakes, I feel my skin crawl. An ugly voice rears its head -This is my final breath. Erudite. Arrogant - the final fate of all mankind. Erudite. Arrogant - An elevated bastard son. We're all bastard sons... Cursed blackened sun. Elusive light. I call out, searching blind - A plea heard by nothing and no-one. Unrepentant, I feel my way. It's safe to say, I die every day. Wallow in pity, drown in despair. My head down, I feel my way searching for hope that's never been there... The sun isn't setting. All that remains of me isn't worth saving... No hope. No harm.